Cheap DUI Insurance

Cheap DUI Insurance, how can we offer such low rates compared with other companies?

Is this too good to be true?

My current agent says this rate cannot be accurate. How can you assure me that it is?

Let the DUI Diva explain this for us now:

"If I had a dollar for every time I heard these questions…I would have a pile o’ cash by now.

So let’s do this thing! Let’s settle the mystery once and for all.

Yes, our rates are incredibly low for drivers in NC with DWI/DUI convictions. (You could say we have Cheap DUI Insurance)

Here’s how it breaks down:

The North Carolina Department Of Insurance (the insurance regulator for these parts) states that since the ‘financial responsibility’ laws of NC require all drivers to be covered by bodily injury and property damage coverage at the set minimum limits, no driver can be denied those minimum limits of coverage by any insurance carrier–regardless of driving history (or lack thereof).

Or, the short version: No carrier in NC can refuse to offer state required liability coverage to any driver.

If the carrier does not wish to bear the risk of covering drivers that…ahem…do not meet their underwriting guidelines, the company will place those high risk drivers in the reinsurance facility. This goes by the catchy phrase “ceded liability”.

Basically, most carriers in NC only offer DUI Insurance coverage as ceded liability–which is just a confusing way of saying they think you are a high risk driver & they are reinsuring your coverage through the NC Reinsurance Facility. Essentially passing the buck in case of an accident, at a much higher rate.

This is where we are different. Our carriers do not offer ceded liability for most drivers convicted of a DUI. In fact, we are able to offer what’s known in the insurance world as a ‘voluntary’ rate. That just translates into the lower-than-you-can-believe quotes (or Cheap DUI Insurance) that we sent to you by email or reviewed by phone.

Three cheers for Brown-Phillips Insurance! Of course, if there are a ton of other violations, more than 1 DUI, or accidents, all bets are off. But actuarial data shows over & over again that drivers with DUI convictions are actually more cautious and have less chance of violations in the future. And who says that dark clouds don’t have silver linings?

So that’s it! Mystery solved. And all before afternoon snack time. I love it when a plan comes together.

Still skeptical? Don’t take my word for it! We have loads of testimonials on our website from drivers that we turned into believers. So come on in! The water is fine." DUI Diva

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